Weed or Flower?: Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

I just realized my title might be taken amiss. Let me state clearly: NOT THAT KIND OF WEED. Not that kind of gardening, folks.

Gardening at Night 2010

(like, in my dreams, because it never happened)

To sum: in 2010, the garden and yard were awful. That winter, the mortar on the bricks leading up to the front door crumbled, and my husband took a pickax to all the crumbling mortar and removed about half the bricks. I did plant some morning glory on the front fence, and that was nice. Otherwise, it was all hacking randomly at Really Tall Weeds.

We mowed the yard. Once. I think. Then the lawnmower’s gas tank sprung a leak.

The backyard was a hot mess of crap piled up from broken furniture, weeds and branches, but I made an attempt to sweep of the deck, wash the furniture and put out some deck lights, so people could at least hang out after dark on the deck (watch the rotten boards!) in the summer.

The side yard and driveway? Full of toys and recycling and several garbage bins full of crap, and full of leaves, respectively.

This year, I am determined to make a difference. It is turning into an epic battle of  woman versus nature.

Spring 2011 — Back From the Dead

This year, I swear we’ll get the bricks on the front porch replaced. But that’s going to have to wait until it’s drier (and we have more money.)

But it’s much better. See, it’s true. There’s some flowers.

Rosemary. And some pansies. And some weeds. Hi, weeds!

And I moved a lot of leaves from out of the driveway.

AFTER I bagged and composted 4 bags.

More leaf removal. My arms hurts.

Progress at a Glacial Rate

More pictures of the changes, slight yet vital, really, in my yard. It may not look like much, but it’s been a TON of work so far, and I think it already looks tons better. But miles to go before I sleep, you know…

Adventures in Gardening Slideshow!

Can actually get in garage door. PRO OR CON?


Spring Break Miscellany

So damned lazy

Spring break has been so, so needed. The first night, I just lay on the couch and watched 9 hours of Glee on Netflix. I rarely get a chance to just watch hours of TV. It was great. I had creme horns for dinner. This was also great.

I was so lazy. I was so tired. I was so happy not to have less than 48 hours to get a bunch of shit done AND  “relax.”

I was so lazy, I was a little worried I might be…too lazy all week. I woke up really late. Later than I’d slept in a long time, but I went to sleep at three, so that was ok, really. I had an early dinner with my sister at Jazz,  a local Cajun restaurant, and then hung out with some friend’s at their neighbor’s house, and drank wine.

Fire Pit

I’ve decided I very much want a decent fire pit. Theirs was NICE.

Wouldn't this be nice? Dream on, right?!

Isn't this pretty? But a lot of potential for drunken, ultimately chilly missteps into the water, I think...

Productive, Finally!

So Saturday was also lazy, but NOT TO FEAR, Sunday was nice and productive. And I wasn’t resentful of it being worky, because I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow! This vacation stuff is magical, let me tell you.

Let’s see, I…
  • Went to Home Depot
  • Got some flowers and gardening stuff and paint
  • Painted most of an old wicker loveseat rescued from garage a soft yellow. Discovered 3 cans of spray paint is not enough. But most of it is done, and I will finish it later this week.

    Not actually my project, but the same exact love seat, and I'm painting it a similar yellow. No red, though. (WTF?)

  • It’s gonna go on the back deck or patio when we get it cleaned up
  • Made composting bin, shoveled mulch into mulch bin.
  • Transplanted white and pink creeping phlox.
  • This is what I want my phlox to be when they grow up...

  • Started sorting through stuff in garage. I’m having a garage sale in mid-June.
  • My goddamned spade broke when I was transplanting the last phlox, so I dug that hole with the broken spade and my bare hands. Woman versus nature! I was determined. I just bought that spade a month ago, dammit. Apparently, I don’t know my own strength. I need to upgrade the spade. There’s an app, right?
  • Cleaned the kitchen, made the bed, cleaned the bathroom sink, swept bathroom.

It’s very exciting. Parts of my house are clean that haven’t been clean since…in a while! I shall take photos when I find and charge the camera. I’m sure you are on the EDGE OF YOUR SEATS!

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