About Creative Owltlet

A Creative Owltlet

I’ve had a couple of blogs since 2009 or so, but when I started my own freelance writing and editorial services provider business, Erin Griggs: Wordslinger, I found that there were lots of things I still wanted to write about, but that weren’t quite appropriate for my business website.

Thus, I hemmed and hawed and finally came back here and did some tweaking. WEBSITE tweaking, not meth…I live in the Midwest; Idon’t embody a stereotype!

I write about lots of different things I’m interested in or want to try: geekery, books, tech, TV shows, films, social issues, decor, gardening, DIY and crafts, beauty and fashion, random thing that grab my attention (including things that piss me off.)

I can be pretty tangential. The perils of being a polymath.

Courteous discourse is a hard and fast rule. If you can’t respect that, just go away until you learn.

But if you play nice, the only rule is have fun!


Opinion: I know you have one. Share, why dontcha?

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