Hit Me with Your Best Shot: What do I REALLY need to know about going freelance?

The Good Old Days, When Men Were Men, and All Poignards were Poisoned

Can I claim this on my taxes as part of my freelancer's arsenal?!

Ah, the free-lances, the condottieres of yore; stirrups swinging, jangling in time with the slender purse tied to the mercenary’s belt, before he went with his regiment to attack, defend, march, lay seige…

And the Modern Age, with Its Own Regiment of Free-lances

Of which I am becoming. That’s ok; I’m all right with the blood and the horror, the politics, the piles of the dead left behind me, the smouldering remains of once viable villlages…

Oh, WAIT. Writing, not war! Freelancing writing, editing, copyediting and research. That’s what I want advice on.

What do I REALLY need to know about going freelance?

I’ve been reading and researching a lot, but I’d like to pick the brains of people who have done it, are doing it, love it, hate it, have a love/hate relationship with it (I don’t judge!).

I’m looking to focus on writing, editing, copyediting and proofreading. Some research and an occasional project organization assignment.

I’m based in the Midwest,  and I definitely want to stay here.

So. Freelancers, or freelancers you know in the writing, editing/copy editing, proofing, research, organization fields…

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

What’s the piece of useful knowledge you wish you’d known when you were starting out? I’d be forever grateful.

(I’ll be happy to respond to questions, as well.)


(Feel free to forward this to anyone who might have a glimmer of insight.)


Weed or Flower?: Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

I just realized my title might be taken amiss. Let me state clearly: NOT THAT KIND OF WEED. Not that kind of gardening, folks.

Gardening at Night 2010

(like, in my dreams, because it never happened)

To sum: in 2010, the garden and yard were awful. That winter, the mortar on the bricks leading up to the front door crumbled, and my husband took a pickax to all the crumbling mortar and removed about half the bricks. I did plant some morning glory on the front fence, and that was nice. Otherwise, it was all hacking randomly at Really Tall Weeds.

We mowed the yard. Once. I think. Then the lawnmower’s gas tank sprung a leak.

The backyard was a hot mess of crap piled up from broken furniture, weeds and branches, but I made an attempt to sweep of the deck, wash the furniture and put out some deck lights, so people could at least hang out after dark on the deck (watch the rotten boards!) in the summer.

The side yard and driveway? Full of toys and recycling and several garbage bins full of crap, and full of leaves, respectively.

This year, I am determined to make a difference. It is turning into an epic battle of  woman versus nature.

Spring 2011 — Back From the Dead

This year, I swear we’ll get the bricks on the front porch replaced. But that’s going to have to wait until it’s drier (and we have more money.)

But it’s much better. See, it’s true. There’s some flowers.

Rosemary. And some pansies. And some weeds. Hi, weeds!

And I moved a lot of leaves from out of the driveway.

AFTER I bagged and composted 4 bags.

More leaf removal. My arms hurts.

Progress at a Glacial Rate

More pictures of the changes, slight yet vital, really, in my yard. It may not look like much, but it’s been a TON of work so far, and I think it already looks tons better. But miles to go before I sleep, you know…

Adventures in Gardening Slideshow!

Can actually get in garage door. PRO OR CON?

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