Art I Have; Art I Wish For

Just a quick Friday night note: my husband paints and draws; I also have three painting from a talented friend of mine.

Here’s a few glimpses of some art I have, but more art I’d like to own.

  • I have a print of Patricia DeLeon’s (the redhead with a bun with an owl on her head) and I love it
  • I can’t directly post her pictures here, but here’s the link to her site
  • I have the print of the redhead with her hair in a bun and an owl on her head, and it’s gorgeous, but I’d really love the redhead with the bobbed hair…and and owl on her head.

Jennifer Sanchez has a print on 20×200 that I really, really want:

ny.08.#14 by Jennifer Sanchez

There’s also my friend Mike Brake  who does fantastic paintings. I will have one, one day. I will!

Atari-Bots by Michael Brake


Opinion: I know you have one. Share, why dontcha?

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