Gift Guide Holidays 2010

Rather than spend hours and hours putting together gifts guides for men and women and kids and pets, and on and on, I’ve started Pharaby’s Gift Guide over ar Tumblr. I’ll be adding at least 4 suggestions a day up to the 20th of December, and will also accept submissions for gift suggestions! (I may not accept them all; it’s not a giftocracy; I’m a giftator!)

Choices are swayed VERY much by my tastes and if I include something, it’s based on the following factors:

  • Someone I know would love it
  • I think it’s awesome
  • It’s geeky, pretty, delicious, techy, funny, beautiful, fun, intelligent, quirky.
  • I would like to own it, so therefore someone else out there might love it.
  • It’s not super expensive
  • Someone out there in the world should buy this for someone this holiday season!
  • And to amuse myself, some gifts will be titles by the names of people I would love to buy gifts for, if I, you know, HAD MONEY. (If your names not here, don’t be hurt! Maybe I bought it for you!! But it’s more likely I just got tired.)

Obviously, this isn’t inclusive; I’ll highlight certain items, and also point out links to great sites where you should go look for something special for the people in your life, including maybe yourself.(You deserve it, you selfish bastard.)


Opinion: I know you have one. Share, why dontcha?

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