Time To Get Out Of The Pajama Pants…

I AM a happy owl today!

Today was a busy day, and some good things happened. I feel like all the frantic job hunting is starting to — maybe — pay off a little bit. I don’t want to jinx myself though, so I’m not going to get too specific, yet.

I got called in for an interview at a place I interviewed at before, about a month ago. Not a second interview, but they had two other positions open up that I am qualified for, so I sent an email off. I don’t know which position they are interviewing me for, and honestly, it’s all of a kind to me. I’d be fine being offered either position.

I was also referred to an editor at a freelance company (yeah, that sounds like a contradiction in terms, but that’s what part of the company is, anyway) by a friend. The editor liked my resume and started the process of signing me up, so I should have some pretty decent freelance writing and editing gigs coming down the pike shortly, which is wonderful.

It’s not Elance, by the way; I still garner gigs from there, and actually wrote about 6 articles today for an assignment. Nothing I’m proud of,  and nothing I’ll have a by-line on (nothing I would want my name on, frankly, but it’s a little money.)

I also found out that at least one of my USB ports on my laptop is working. For a while there, it seemed like neither of them worked, and I couldn’t plug anything in, not my external hard drive or my Touch. So I was able to sync my Touch tonight, which made me happy; there were some apps I’d really been wanting to add, and also, my Touch thought it was January of 1970. So I couldn’t even use it to tell time or date, much less keep up with all of my pressing social engagements.

I was going to try to get to bed earlier tonight, but discovering the USB port was working sucked me into twiddling with that for a while.  It was a happy time-suck, at least.

And now the weekend, approaches, and maybe I can take a little time off from all the productive job-hunting and financial situation cleany-up things I’m doing, and finally get around to that book review and gift guide I want to get up on here.


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