English Adjunct Jobs are an Exercise in Frustration

Not the jobs themselves, per se;  just the acquisition of them.

I know, I know — the number of seekers versus the number of open adjunct positions is something like 200:1.  This is quite daunting, and a little depressing. I have been trolling the websites of all the institutions of higher leaning in the Kansas City area (luckily, I live in a metro area that, while not HUGE, does have about 20 institutions for me to examine) and then cold-calling the department heads.

Mainly, I’ve been leaving polite messages, but I did manage to score a call back from a lovely gentleman who’s the department head for the English department at JCCC; he told me that their slots are filled for spring already, and mostly for fall, unless some of his staff go on sabbatical. He also said that he gets about 90 resumes for an adjunct position, and that he heard from former adjuncts that KU has been laying adjuncts off. “It’s this awful economy,” he sighed. I agreed, and thanked him.

I’ve made about 10 calls today, managed to speak with one person. The balance of my evening will be spent in tweaking my C.V. and cover letter to send out resumes to the two places who have adjunct positions advertised. Now I just have to hope that they stand out somehow from the other eleventy bajillion candidates.

Regardless of this rather gloomy forecast, I will persevere. My goal: before I die, to have taught that rarest of creatures — a college level lit class, as an adjunct.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. jen
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 20:12:11

    keep hope erin.


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