I have a sick headache…

I’ve spent the last two days working on creating this blog, and integrating various other internet presence. The last two hours have been hijacked by a trip to the grocery store for favorite “budget friendly” (read: we are broke-ass broke) items like Swanson’s pot pies, potatoes and mac&cheese.

While dining on a gourmet meal of queso and chips, I started to tool around various freelancing sites, and wow!  I guess some people have plenty of advertisers, because I didn’t know where my eyes were supposed to go — the left one was drawn to the right bottom of the page where a box boasted about a flash fiction contest it only took $10 to enter, and my right eye was bouncing between two sidebars promising all the secrets of writing a successful children’s books and how to give up your day job and become an international freelancer.

Information overload. It’s endemic to the internet, of course, and not just in the wild and wooly world of freelance writing and all its tributaries.

I have managed to cram down the queso and chips, took two Tylenol against the headache, and have a couple of possibilities to explore.

My primary queries/goals right now:

1. With all of the demand for writers of articles on the internet right now, how does one separate the dross out; i.e., the ones who garner .07 cents per article per month?

2. Writing samples — What exactly are most places looking for? I have tons of high-quality academic writing to hand, but I’m not sure if a 10 page essay on tropes in adolescent literature is exactly what is meant.

3. I need to find some sensible, practical sites or blogs written by someone who seems to have experience who wants to share it.

If anyone has some tips or input, please feel free to enlighten me.



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